Easy Selling Process

Benefit from a hassle free process. Let us handle all the paperwork and costs to help you get your house sold within days.

Call us to get an offer.

Fast and simple

Selling your property to us is a relatively straight forward process and one that is much simpler than the traditional process associated with estate agents. There are no worries about buyer viewings, presentation of your property, property chain breakdowns, unsuccessful sale, long delays and so on.

Selling to us essentially means a simple process and a summary of the process is given below:

Call Us

Call us and discuss your situation and we will run through how the process works. We will use the opportunity to discus the particulars of your property including estimations on the market value, condition of the property, the time needed to sell and so on.

Offer in principle

Following a discussion of the property, we will aim to do a quick valuation estimate of the property and will normally aim to issue an offer in principle, based on the information you have provided. The offer is normally subject toan officil survey of the property. We will offer both on residential property and investment property.

Agree To proceed

If you agree with the price, we will ask you to sign a commitment to proceed with the sale with us. The idea normally is to agree the sale in writing, based on the details of the property.

Survey and completion

Once we have agreed to proceed with the sale, a survey will be carried out by a RICA qualified independent surveyor and if the market valuations are confirmed, we can proceed with sale completion